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Archive for June 2010

Sumo Woes

June 27, 2010

As soccer basks in the limelight because of the World Cup, another sport suffers from scandals. Sumo, a sport with hundreds of years of rich tradition dating back to the Japanese Edo Period, has been hit with crimes and accusations of illegal gambling. Gambling in Japan is banned, with several exceptions. Lottery, Pachinko, and several types of […]


June 26, 2010

Oliver Fricker is to be sentenced to 5 months jail and 3 strokes of the cane in Singapore for trespass and vandalism, as reported by AFP. He is one of 2 people to have allegedly broken into an MRT train depot in the Tanah Merah area. The other, a British national, had left the country […]

Group and Cultural Communication

June 20, 2010

Groups are a collection of individuals who interact with each other, and after time, develop shared patterns of behavior and a collective identity, as defined by Trenholm. Groups formed in many different aspects of society, as the group can have synergy, where the output of the individuals combined can have a greater effect than all […]

The “R” word

June 13, 2010

Relationships are the basis of human communication. In fact, without first starting a relationship no matter how trivial, communication is impossible. A relationship is started when two different persons or parties start exchanging data. The basis of a relationship is to satisfy one’s needs and goals, from something as simple as love, to more materialistic […]

Graffiti in Singapore

June 6, 2010

On June 5th 2010, there was a report that an MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train was vandalized. A Singaporean train enthusiast has put up his video of the train shown below. According to reports, a 33 year-old Swiss national had allegedly broken into the MRT train depot and spray-painted 2 cabins with graffiti. As you can see, […]