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COM125 Blog Post #3: A Noob’s Guide to Google+

For this week’s blog entry, my lecturer gave various suggestions for us to immerse in social media and how we relate to it.

Heeding his advice, I decided to join a new social network site and write about my initial experience.

What’s the hottest new social networking site in the interweb tubes? Of course it’s Google+ (pronounced “Google Plus”)! Having hit 25 million users in just 4 weeks after its inception in July this year, Google+ is THE fastest growing social networking site out there right now.

So I snitched an invite from a friend, and voila (Disclaimer: Names have been blanked out for privacy issues!):

Google+ Signup page. 2 clicks and I'm ready to join!

Since I had a Gmail account, all I had to do was to fill in a public Google profile, which essentially links all Google related applications (Google Documents, Blogger etc) into a single profile. Such convenience! Notice that all I had to do was to enter my name, and here we go!

Google+ Welcome page! Such simple minimalist design!

As you can see, the general layout is very simple and easy to navigate. A few clicks here and there and I managed to get to the friend that invited me:

Thank you for the invite Dexter. You are hereby known as "The Holy Google Invitationer of Keepingyouposted!"

From a technical standpoint, Google+ has a few things going for it. By simply filling in which educational institute I am currently studying in, Google+ managed to accurately suggest people that I was actually friends with! Oh the joy of adding new people!

Other than that… There was not much to do. No jewels to blitz, no villes to farm. Google+ currently does not support games nor other applications, being limited to the very basics, such as photo-sharing.

On a more technical level, Google+ also automatically synchronized my (long disused) Blogger pictures to my Google+ page.  For avid bloggers, this seamless cross between the two previously separate realms of social networking and blogging is a large step to creating a single hub for a person’s internet needs.

While other Google applications have yet to be integrated, using a single destination for your email, social networking and blogging is a great convenience for Internet junkies. The possibility of other powerful applications such as Google Maps or Documents to be incorporated brings further potential.

Photos from my fledgling Circle!

In conclusion, while not having the extensive features of its chief competitor Facebook, the integration that Google+ shares with its other application gives it great convenience. Anyone who wants an invite, just give me a shout-out in the comments!


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