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COM125 Blog Post #7: Multimedia

Multimedia is a multi-sensory experience. Multimedia is defined as “using, involving, or encompassing several media” as defined by Merriam-Webster. Put simply, multimedia means the combination and usage of media such as video, music and image to convey a message.

Traditionally, this means that video and film are all examples of multimedia. However, the personal computer has expanded our multimedia options exponentially. For example, we can use computer software to perform diverse tasks, from conducting a business presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint) to searching for the latest film trailers (RottenTomatoes).

Nowadays, multimedia available on the Internet is hyperlinked, leading to the term “hypermedia”. An example of hypermedia would be videos that are viewed online from streaming websites such as Youtube and Dailymotion, which have a list of suggested or related videos to hopefully hold the viewer’s attention longer.

An interesting example of hypermedia is the website, which also has an application for the iPhone. What this website does is that it compiles the user’s personal playlist and recommends songs that might be of interest to the specific user. For example, the website offers me (a heavy metal listener) to bands I have never heard of, yet are also of interest to me, such as Mastodon (which is a death metal band). 

Various multimedia software are readily available on the internet. People use programs such as Fraps to capture the video feed from their computers so that they can share interesting videos online. Amateur video directors upload various tutorial videos to share their experience with others. For example, the amateur film maker Freddie Wong recently uploaded a video called “Battlefield 4 Trailer”:

In his tutorial video, he goes behind the scenes to explain the process behind the abovementioned short film:

As you can see, hypermedia is an excellent method allowing for deepened user impression.

Hypermedia can also be an exciting new way of advertising that allows users to interact with the advertisement, instead of a simple linear line from advertising to consumer. An example would be the series of short videos for the recently released Orcs Must Die computer game, allowing the viewer to choose 1 of 2 implements of destruction to assist in defeating those pesky orcs:

As you can see, the Internet allows for so much possibilities for increased multimedia interactivity. Have you seen any interesting forms of multimedia, dear reader?


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