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COM125 Blog Post #10: Journalism, Internet and You

November 6, 2011

With the technologies available online, the average citizen can be a journalist with nothing but an internet-enabled device. Although online journalism and citizen journalism share some similarities, the two have some important differences between them. They both utilize online technologies that allow for journalism , such as blogging services like WordPress and Blogger, or instant messaging services such as […]

COM125 Blog Post #9: Politics and the Internet

November 6, 2011

The internet has leveled the playing field of politics. Why did I just make a sudden statement and expect you, dear reader, to believe me? Let me explain. Mass media has traditionally been a downward trickle, from the creators (anything from pamphlets, posters, to television advertisements) to the public. The exorbitant cost in producing these media messages meant that the […]

COM125 Blog Post #8: Tools for a Useful Life

October 30, 2011

I realize that there are many applications and tools available for use for the average person to enjoy a more productive life. But recently, there has been a trend rising in many of these applications: Synchronicity. Apple is at the forefront of this, with its newly released iCloud. With iCloud, the user can store pictures, videos and music, […]

COM125 Blog Post #7: Multimedia

October 30, 2011

Multimedia is a multi-sensory experience. Multimedia is defined as “using, involving, or encompassing several media” as defined by Merriam-Webster. Put simply, multimedia means the combination and usage of media such as video, music and image to convey a message. Traditionally, this means that video and film are all examples of multimedia. However, the personal computer […]

COM125 Blog Post #6: And Now, For Something Completely Different

October 9, 2011

As my recent posts have shown, the internet is a BIG PLACE. Anything from e-commerce to e-comedy can be found online. The vast majority of content on the internet is user-generated, such as blogs, podcasts, webcomics, and videos. Blogging is but only one facet of the spectra that is produced from the creative juices of […]

COM125 Blog Post #5 : Effective Learning Through the Use of Digital Media: Can it be Done?

September 30, 2011

As the American psychologist and educator John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. Education does not simply end after graduation from school. The world is constantly evolving; to continually educate oneself is a way to stay informed and relevant. Can learning be made more effective through the use […]

COM125 Blog Post #4: Issues about security, privacy and legal issues for e-businesses

September 25, 2011

This week, I’ll be touching on various online security, privacy and legal issues for businesses. The basic definition of e-business is the process of buying, transferring, or exchanging products, services, and/or information via computer networks, including the internet. The internet has grown from its original roots as a means of transferring information to a fully […]

COM125 Blog Post #3: A Noob’s Guide to Google+

September 17, 2011

For this week’s blog entry, my lecturer gave various suggestions for us to immerse in social media and how we relate to it. Heeding his advice, I decided to join a new social network site and write about my initial experience. What’s the hottest new social networking site in the interweb tubes? Of course it’s […]

COM125 POST #2: Some thoughts on Social Media

September 11, 2011

Wikipedia defines Social Media as ” the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue”. Take a simple example: Wikipedia is “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.” Just fifty years ago owning an encyclopedia series would cost a fortune, and the rich could afford it. Fast forward today: Just by […]

COM125: Some thoughts on the Internet

September 4, 2011

The word “internet”: so ubiquitous that my automated word-check allows me to spell it without a capital “I”. There is a statement my lecturer said that caught my attention during his introductory lecture on the internet: “The internet will be increasingly ‘invisible’ as time goes by”. Why is this so? Well, take the example of […]